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Versatile Massage Options

Finding massage therapists in Merced, CA that are as qualified and capable as they are affordable can be difficult. Fortunately, Quality Massage has been offering a wide range of reasonably priced and effective massage options since 2002, including the following:


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Reiki massage This healing and comforting technique uses the power of touch to activate your body’s natural healing energy.
Full body massage If you feel tense or exhausted from head to toe, treat your mind, body and spirit to this immersive and restorative massage.
Back, shoulders and neck This massage focuses on three parts of the body that can often hold the most stress and tension. If you notice your shoulders are always hunched in anxiety, give this one a try.
Man with sore neckChair massage The combination of our luxurious, comfortable chair and Craig’s gentle massage work will have you feeling better in no time.
Neck work Many people carry all their tension in their necks, meaning that this tightly focus massage option can work wonders for your entire wellbeing.
Ear candling This ancient practice is known to coax toxins and wax out of your ear canals. If your head has been feeling stuffy, or if you are plagued by general malaise, give ear candling a try.
Treatment package Whether you prefer Reiki or deep tissue massage in Merced, CA, this deal of three massages for $120 is great for both your body and your wallet.
Fully Body Massage
Back, Shoulders, & Neck
Chair Massage
Office Massage
Neck Work
Reiki Energy Work
treatment package
Full Body Treatment

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To schedule your next Reiki treatment, ear candling appointment, chair massage or full body massage in Merced, CA, please give Quality Massage a call at 209-205-8988, or visit our Contact Us page for more information.